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19/10 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FT Europe 

Norway to give fresh boost to equities in $880bn fund

Oil investments to shift from bonds. Vehicle owns 1.3% of every company.


Battle for Mosul Exposes Tensions

Obama sees “difficult fight” for city as Kurdish troops criticize Iraqi allies.


Putting idle refugees to work

Full-time jobs are a path to assimilation in Europe, but they’ve been scarce.


Le Monde 

Collapse of tourism in Paris and on the Côte d’Azur threatens jobs

Tourism, which accounts for 7% of French GDP, is prepared to cut jobs. In august, the sector’s difficulties increased the unemployment rate.

Les Echos 

French nuclear power plants are hit by serial shutdowns

The nuclear safety authority demands controls on five new reactors. A third of the EDF’s production facilities are at a standstill.


Frankfurter Allgemeine 

Merkel ahead of Putin visit: we mustn’t expect miracles

Russian President in Berlin today. Talks about Ukraine and Syria. Criticism of Kiev.

Süddeutsche Zeitung 

Merkel wants to urge Putin to moderation

On the war in Syria, the Chancellor wants to underline to the Russian President the seriousness of the situation at a meeting in Berlin. But warns against expecting miracles.


La Repubblica 

Obama and Renzi meet at the white house “Italy needs to vote yes in the referendum, Renzi should stay”

Barack Obama hosted Matteo Renzi at a state dinner and backed his referendum.

Il Sole 24 Ore

Inflation enhances stock exchanges

Milan (+2%) best in Europe thanks to banks and insurers, MPS +12.8%


Gazeta Wyborcza 

Warsaw’s Inquisition

Head of Law and Justice Jarosław Kaczyński and Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro came up with an idea to form a vetting committee that would investigate the reprivatisation of properties in Warsaw. It would be first such powerful committee in the history of Poland.



Juan Manuel Santos Suárez, current president: “My goal is to enable CNMV to work as it has performed so far”

“The Board will meet at least every two weeks instead of every month”.

El Pais 

The PSOE starts gathering forces for its reconstruction

A majority of MPs support abstention. The rest accept the federal committee’s decision.


The Times 

May ‘fudges’ Heathrow decision

Third runway given nod but final vote delayed until 2018.

The Guardian

May given dire warning over customs union

Pullout risks 4.5% fall in GDP and ports gridlock, cabinet told




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