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17/12 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FT EuropeHistoric gamble for Yellen as Fed makes quarter-point rise. Interest rates shift for first time in nine years. Move comes amid lacklustre global growth.

WSJEFed ends seven years of zero rates. The Federal Reserve said it would raise its benchmark interest rate from near zero for the first time since December 2008 and emphasised it will likely lift it gradually thereafter in a test of the economy’s capacity to stand on its own with less support monetary policy.

INYT  – Slashing drug price to fight hepatitis C. Approach tested in Egypt may pave way for getting medicines to the poor.

BBC EuropeJuncker says EU wants to find ‘fair deal’ for UK. The EU wants to reach a “fair deal” for the UK and other EU countries, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has said.
Mr Juncker was speaking as David Cameron prepares to discuss his reform plans at a summit of EU leaders.

Le MondeNew evidence of Assad regime atrocities. Human Rights Watch has made public new elements proving crimes committed by the Syrian government on Wednesday 16 December.

Les EchosReduced VAT: the Court of Auditors’ charge. The Court of Auditors reveals that the cost of the derogations amounts to €48 billion. The reduced VAT in the catering sector did not have the expected effects on employment and prices.


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) –  SPD parliamentary group opposes party chief Gabriel.
SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel’s attempt to bring about a mandatory membership vote in the event of combat operations of the Bundeswehr in Syria or in “the region” has been rejected by the leadership of the SPD parliamentary group.

Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ)EU tolerates cheating in lamps sector. Many bulbs consume more energy and produce less light than what they claim. The EC has been aware of this for years but has done nothing to stop companies from fooling consumers, while consumers continue to pay.


La RepubblicaBanking scandal: investigations for fraud, prosecutors analyse the positions of Bankitalia and the Consob. After the “stolen” clients’ savings, the investigation widens as monitoring activities are explored.

Il Sole 24 OreThe Federal Reserve increases interest rates. Yellen: “The end of an era.” The Federal Reserve increases key interest rate by 0.25%. According to Janet Yellen, this rate hike “reflects the confidence in the U.S. economy.”


Gayzeya WyborczaEconomy – a bad change. PiS sends a negative and false picture of the State’s Finances to the world. Financial markets have already reacted to it, in the result of which Polish currency depreciates and stock market falls.


El PaisA Young man punches Rajoy during an electoral trip in Pontevedra. The President, unhurt but with a mark on his face, participated in a meeting later the same day in A Coruña. The young man, who was arrested, boasted about the attack.

ExpansionGoodbye free money. A new era. Yesterday, Fed sent a clear signal that it is confident in the American economy.


The TimesAnger over six-figure pay deals for charities. Hundreds earn more than PM at public expense.

The Guardian – Banned weapons for sale on Amazon. Investigation finds illegal items offered on UK site. Pepper pistol sold from firm’s own warehouse. Import carries five-year prison term, police warn.



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