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17/08 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


Financial Times Europe – Beijing gives green light for HK-Shenzhen exchange link. Mainland bid to draw foreign capital. Tie-up will offer access to key stocks.

Wall Street Journal Europe – BHP tumbles to big loss. Charges worsen hit from a steep slump in commodity prices.

International New York Times UK edition)  Russia uses Iran as base for attacking ISIS in Syria.  Move appears to be part of plan to build coalition with Moscow at its centre.


Le Monde –   Why it is important to listen to the French Muslim elite Doctors, lawyers, researchers, managers… After the terrorist attacks, these French Muslims now want to have their say in the public debate.

Les Echos  – US Justice to carry out criminal probe into Volkswagen Auto maker to face criminal charges over emissions scandal. The group and the Justice Department could agree on a settlement in order to avoid a trial. Potential 1.2 billion-euro fine


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung –  Berlin: Turkey is a central platform for action of Islamist groups. No coordination with the Foreign Affairs Ministry. The publication was “clerical mistake.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung –  Resistance against Gabriel within the SPD What future for CETA? Unlike their party leader, left-wing politicians reject the Free Trade Agreement with Canada. The National Convention could become a serious problem for the Vice-Chancellor.


La Repubblica –  “Seven billion for public contracts.” Trade unions put pressure on the government. Jobs Act, how phase 2 will begin.

Il Sole 24 Ore –  World’s stock exchanges falling due to concerns over US rates. Oil rises thanks to possible deal at extraordinary OPEC summit.


Gazeta Wyborcza – Races to graveyard. In June, the number of people killed on Polish roads grew by 25%. Poland is a paradise for drivers breaking the law. Scarce road inspections and inactivated photo-radars are signs that the Police has eased its control.

El Pais – The PP is to accept Rivera’s conditions, with slight changes. The PP states that it will only accept its leader as the candidate to the investiture.

Expansion Santander already has 3.8 million shareholders. The company has won 600,000 investors in one year thanks to “Cuenta 1, 2, 3.”


The Times –   Jail at last for hate cleric after terror links exposed.  Anjem Choudary inspired generation of jihadists. Security services hail preacher’s conviction.

The Guardian –  Radical cleric faces 10 years for terrorism. Choudary said to have inspired at least 100 from Britain to join jihadis.



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