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16/11 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


BBC Europe – Macron joins presidential race to ‘unblock’ France. Emmanuel Macron vowed to implement a “democratic revolution” as he announced he was running for president of France. The centrist politician said France’s political system was paralysed and he wanted to “free the energy of the able while protecting the weakest”. President Francois Hollande’s former economy minister is running as an independent candidate.

FT Europe

Russia renews Syria bombardment hours after Trump talks with Putin

Questions over president-elect’s Moscow stance. Rebel groups say strikes hit Aleppo.


Firms bet on next four years

One possibility for US businesses is a fusion of populist and establishment agendas.


Vast, pristine and endangered

Russia’s Lake Baikal, called the world’s cleanest, is invaded by toxic algae.


Le Monde 

The Right confronted with the National Front

Nicolas Sarkozy and Alain Juppé’s ability to beat Marine Le Pen during the presidential elections is the leading argument of their campaign.

Les Echos 

Presidential election 2017: the race heats up

Macron started without waiting for Hollande. Juppé poses as a bulwark against populism. Fillon makes a breakthrough and is niping at Sarkozy’s heels.


Frankfurter Allgemeine

Islamist Association prohibited; “Großrazzia” in sixty cities

De Maizière: spreading hate messages with a Quran translation at hand.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Moscow opens new front in Syria

Fighter jets from Russian aircraft carrier attack positions of Assad opponents in the provinces of Homs and Idlib – just hours after a telephone conversation between Putin and Trump.


La Repubblica 

Italy blocks Brussels, vetoes budget – Renzi: “Treaties have not been respected”

Italy opposes the European budget for 2014-2020 declaring “we do not accept that our money is used to build walls”.

Il Sole 24 Ore 

GDP is growing: +0.3% during the third quarter

Istat:  +0.9% year on year. Padoan: better than predictions.


Gazeta Wyborcza 

Economy – barely D+

Yesterday, the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) posted the latest economic data which coincided with the Law and Justice government celebrating one year of ruling. The GUS report shows that the economy grew at its slowest rate in three years, with GDP up by 2.5% only in the third quarter.


El Pais 

Congress blocks the LOMCE law and paves the way for education pact

A PSOE proposal gets support from all the opposition in order to slow down the implantation of the law on education. First defeat for the PP.


Gas Natural bets 1.3 billion in Colombia

The Colombian government decided yesterday on the intervention of gas Natural’s subidiary Electricaribe in the country.


The Times 

“Chaos” and confusion over plans for Brexit

Existential threat in Whitehall, experts warn.

The Guardian 

Revealed: The aggressive tax avoidance scheme costing the taxpayer “hundreds of millions of pounds”

Undercover investigation exposes how temporary workers are being exploited.




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