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16/03 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FT EuropeClimate battle bears early fruit as global energy emissions stall. Reading flat for second year despite world growth. Surge in renewable spurs change.

WSJERussia shifts focus in Syria. Partial withdrawal of forces as peace talks commence shows bid for political influence.

INYTPutin stays true to form in pullback from Syria. Surprise decisions help bolster claim of Russia as global problem solver.

BBE Europe – Brussels raid over Paris attacks: Dead gunman was Algerian national. A terror suspect shot dead during a raid in Brussels suburb on Tuesday has been identified as Algerian national Mohammed Belkaid, officials say. He was shot dead by snipers while trying to fire at police from an apartment window in Forest. Several officers were wounded in the raid, and police are still hunting two suspects who were in the apartment.


Le MondeLabour reform bill: Manuel Valls makes concessions. The government has changed the Labour code reform bill, abandoning several key points of the initial version to satisfy its majority.

Les EchosLivret A: tug-of-war between the French tax office and banks. Since 2010, French banks have been paying up to tens of millions of euros in fines. But these sanctions are not affecting savers, account owners, according to Bercy.


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) –  Doubts over Moscow’s retreat from Syria. De Mistura hopes for positive influence on negotiations. Steinmeier: Surprised.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) New hope for Syria. Russian President Vladimir Putin has begun withdrawing his troops. Pressure grows on dictator Bashar al-Assad to negotiate seriously about peace in Geneva.


La Repubblica“You will have the truth about Regeni”. Interview of Egyptian President Al-Sissi: pledge to the family to find the murderers. “The relationship between our countries has never been that strong, I am wondering about the timing of the crime”.

Il Sole 24 OreThe flexibility plan is ready, €4 million dedicated to infrastructure. The government has asked Brussels for flexibility amounting to 0.3% of GDP. Priority to Brennero, Milano-Verona and Milano-Chiasso.


Gazeta WyborczaThe EP rejects Polish candidate to ECA. Yesterday, MEP from Law and Justice (PiS) Janusz Wojciechowski received no recommendation to the office of member of the European Court of Auditors (ECA). His candidacy was dismissed due to doubts regarding his ability to separate from the PIS party’s view when appointed ECA member.


El País – The PP to initiate proceedings against Valencia mayor Rita Barberá and her team. It is the first time that the party takes this kind of collective decision.


The TimesSchool days extended in £1.5bn drive for success. Hundreds of thousands of pupils will finish school at least an hour later under plans to drive up standards.

The GuardianSex abuse case forces C of E to overhaul rules. The Church of England is to make far-reaching changes to the way it deals with cases of sex abuse.



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