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15/04 – Today’s headlines from across the EU



FT Europe

Investors mutiny over BP chief’s 20% pay rise amid worst ever loss. Majority rejects increase to $20 million. Shareholder fury after group fell $5.2 billion into red.



Cameron works the phones for Europe. UK Prime Minister David Cameron and former Liberal Democrats leader Paddy Ashdown urged voters Thursday to support staying in the European Union in the June 23 referendum. A new think-tank report argues that leaving won’t necessarily reduce regulation.



Fishermen in England weigh future outside EU. Some say “Brexit” means fewer rivals and higher pay; others fear the risks.

 BBC Europe

 US ‘could have shot down Russian jets’.  The US military would have been within its rights to shoot down Russian aircraft that flew close to one of its warships in the Baltic Sea, Secretary of State John Kerry says. Two Russian jets flew within metres of the ship on Monday, US officials said. Russia’s defence ministry said the Su-24 fighter jets “turned away in observance of all safety measures” after observing the USS Donald Cook.



Le Monde

German savers angered by ECB. Mario Draghi was to meet German Finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble who is very critical of his policy this Thursday.


Les Echos

Taxes drive the richest taxpayers away. The number of taxpayers in high income brackets decreased by 8% in 2014. The drop was most pronounced in tax brackets beyond €1 million. Tax exile is not the only reason, the Finance ministry highlighted.




Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung The grand coalition sees itself back to work. Merkel: not the slightest doubt. Contentious issues were postponed. “Historical Progress.” 
Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Merkel: assist and request from refugees. The grand coalition agrees on a comprehensive law to deal with migrants. Germany does not want any “integration malingerers,” said SPD leader Gabriel.




La Repubblica

Italy to Europe: we must stop the Libyan exodus. The Italian government has written to Brussels asking that it not be left alone considering the severity of the situation.


Il Sole 24 Ore 

Banks: €50 billion leverage effect from the Atlante fund. The private fund could facilitate the revaluation of the non-performing loans.




Gazeta Wyborcza

KOD stronger than the party. A survey carried out by TNS research institute for Gazeta Wyborcza indicates that 40% Poles support the Committee for the Defence of Democracy (KOD). This includes every third voter for Andrzej Duda and every fourth voter for Law and Justice.





El Pais

The Spanish government abandons Soria following the revelations about his offshore company. The Industry Minister will not take part in today’s Cabinet meeting.


expansión (spain)

Talgo attacks the deal for Renfe’s AVE. The company denounced before the Transport ministry, the Presidency of the government and the royal family, the fact that its flagship train was undervalued.




The Times

Shareholders revolt over BP chief’s £14 million pay deal.Dudley’s 20% rise rejected by angry voters. More rebellions expected against executives.


The Guardian

BP chief’s £14 million payout triggers investor revolt. Board warned on “parallel universe” pay as two companies face rebellion.

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