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14/11 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


BBC EuropeAssange faces Sweden ‘rape’ questions in Ecuadorean embassy. Sweden’s chief prosecutor is questioning WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange about a rape allegation at the Ecuadorean embassy in London. He denies the allegation that he raped a Swedish woman in 2010. Swedish prosecutor Ingrid Isgren is listening as an Ecuadorean prosecutor puts the questions to Mr Assange.

FT Europe

France and UK snub emergency Brussels talks to discuss Trump

Struggle for coordinated response to election. Markets await White House team names.


Security holes dog Europe

A year after the Paris attacks, the EU is still struggling to reduce its vulnerabilities.


Trump faces a clash of visions

Administration personnel may have great sway over untested president-elect.


Le Monde 

How the 13 November terrorists infiltrated Europe

The jihadists took advantage of the migration crisis in summer 2015 to travel across Europe via Hungary and prepare the Paris and Brussels attacks.

Les Echos 

Donald Trump shuffles the deck in the markets

Wall Street breaks records, but gold collapses. Rates go up all over the world. Confusion still reigns over the president-elect’s economic programme and his teams.


Frankfurter Allgemeine

Seehofer: Do not blame the citizens

The CSU chairman calls the crisis of trust in Europe a problem of the elites.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Coalition parties are wrestling to find Gauck’s successor

SPD insists on Frank-Walter Steinmeier as the next Federal President. CDU and CSU aren’t ruling out exclude consent, but also consider putting forward their own candidate.


La Repubblica 

Trump: Illegal immigrants out

Claim that “two to three million will end up in jail or out of the country” leads to protests in New York.

Il Sole 24 Ore 

Taxes: how the tax calendar will change

More time for the CUD. New dates don’t eliminate gridlock-risk.


Gazeta Wyborcza 

PiS opens graves

Despite protests from some families of the victims of the Polish President’s plane crash in Smoleńsk on 10 April 2010, the government starts the process of exhumations of bodies. The sarcophagus of President Lech Kaczyński and his wife in the Wawel Castle is to be opened first.


El Pais 

Trump to deport 3 million immigrants

Brexit supporter Nigel Farage visited Trump Tower and the president-elect will rely on the European populist right-wing support.


Merlin plans to create a real estate investment trust with its hotels

The real estate agency will separate its 24 hotels into a specialised subsidiary if it fails to sell them to a third party.


The Times 

Tories split over Farage role in deal with Trump

Ukip leader is first to meet president-elect.

The Guardian

May sets out Britain’s stall for place in Trump’s world

PM says UK will adapt and give up battles of the past.



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