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13/11- Today’s headlines from across the EU


FTFresh wave of selling engulfs oil and metals markets. Renewed investor fears over China. Copper price reaches six-year low.

WSJEIraqi Kurds attack militants. Peshmerga forces, coalition airstrikes seek to break Islamic State supply route.

INYTKurds attack ISIS, retaking key roads. Yazidi forces join assault that cuts militants’ link from Syrian base to Iraq.

BBCDead babies found in Germany border town.German police say the bodies of several babies have been found in a town close to the Czech border. The dead, thought to number seven, were discovered on Thursday after a woman in the town of Wallenfels raised the alarm, police added


Le MondeInside the Macron start-up. The Economy Minister is the object of many fantasies ahead of the 2017 election. A dedicated support committee is currently being set up.

Les EchosCSG cuts: new fiscal mess. The Ayrault amendment was adopted by the Assembly. The future bonus will notably consist in cuts in social contributions from 2017. The new system raises many issues.


Frankfurter AllgemeineFrance outraged by Germany’s eavesdropping. Hollande: “We need to know if the spying has ended.” Fabius: “I am shocked.”

Sueddeutsche ZeitungDFB has concealed the World Cup affair for 15 years. The contract concluded in 2000 between Beckenbauer and Warner was known early but the DFB undertook apparently no action to clear up the dubious process.


La Repubblica“If De Luca doesn’t nominate me, he will lose the region.” Conversations of the husband of a judge suspected of being involved in the De Luca affair have been intercepted.

Il Sole 24 OreSuspense before Fed’s rates rise imposes a burden on stock markets. Rush to buy bonds in the EU. Even if for the moment, Fed President Janet Yellen has not announced any rate rise, but she underlined the need to implement monetary policies to tackle the crisis. Her statements worried stock markets and trade has fallen.


Gazeta WyborczaPiS assumes power. The first sitting of the new Polish Parliament was held yesterday. The outgoing PM Kopacz handed in resignation of her Government and also lost elections for a new head of PO Parliamentary club. President Duda is to designate Beata Szydło (PiS) as new Prime Minister today or on Monday.


El PaisThe King intervenes in the crisis: “The Constitution will prevail”.” Mas fail in his second attempt to be re-elected as Catalan Premier. The current President states that he will disobey the Constitution’s veto. The CUP demands the declaration of a Catalan Republic within 18 months.

ExpansionCatalan debt collapses and turns into junk bond. Fitch downgrades the region’s debt level after the confrontation between the government and the pro-independence supporters.


The TimesBorders in crisis after migrant talks fail. Free movement across Europe close to collapse.

The GuardianHunt digs in over NHS strikes. Health secretary condemns ‘extreme action’ as doctors warn of three walkouts.




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