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13/07 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FTGreece’s eurozone future uncertain as Germany steps up pressure. Fraught Brussels talks over €86 billion bailout. France struggles to broker compromise.

WSJEGreece’s fate remains uncertain. The eurozone edged closer to a new bailout deal for Greece, but the agreement considered by European leaders meeting Sunday would require a near-total surrender of the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to creditors’ claims.

INYTDecision on Greece goes down to wire. Leaders debate selling of public assets and temporary exit from euro.


Le MondeGreece: the reasons for Tsipras’ change of mind. At the dawn of a decisive weekend, the Greek Prime Minister obtained large support from Greek MPs to defend his reform plan in Brussels.

Les EchosGreek bailout: Europe’s terms. High tensions in Brussels over Greece’s future in the eurozone. The new bailout plan, amounting to €80 billion, divides European leaders.


Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ)Merkel: trust has been lost. Federal Chancellor expresses doubts about Greece’s readiness to reform.

Suedeutsche Zeitung“No agreement at any costs.” The Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel opposes France and Italy who are pushing for a new Greek bailout.


La RepubblicaEU Diktat: Greece has its back against the wall. The Eurogroup in the hands of German hawks: Greece has three days to implement reforms.

Il Sole 24 OreAn ultimatum was given to Athens: the implementation of immediate reforms or a Grexit. The Eurogroup is under pressure and wants Greece to implement reforms and cut pensions, VAT and spending. Germany remains adamant and Angela Merkel states: “There won’t be an agreement at any costs.”

NETHERLANDS – Dutch prime minister luke warm about Greece deal. ‘It was a complicated birth – It is a fair but tough agreement.’


GazetaPolish coal profitable to investors? Private investors declare readiness to spend billions on building three new mines in Poland. They are to be profitable thanks to application of modern technologies and resigning from miners’ privileges, for example bonus payments.


El PaisEurope to grant Athens a 48-hour deadline for more concessions. An agreement was nearly reached last night, after the last and severe requirements were made.

Expansion Europe threatens with a temporary Grexit. Finance ministers ask for discussions on a “transitory” Grexit.


The TimesUnion baron clears the way for unlawful strikes. We will not submit to unjust laws, says Unite chief.

The GuardianEurope takes revenge on Tsipras. Draconian austerity package is price of bailout. Greece faces “time out” from single currency. Harsher terms are result of no vote, say officials.


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