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13/06 – Today’s headlines from across the EU



FT Europe

Cameron shifts tactics as polls swing towards Leave EU vote. Focus moves to 9m opposition voters. Former premier Brown takes baton.



Club shooter claimed ISIS link. Man who opened fire in US gay club had pledged allegiance to terrorist network.


Worst US mass shooting kills at least 50.  53 others are wounded; gunman swore allegiance to ISIS in emergency call.



Le Monde

Referendum, a new French passion. Consulting the French: candidates for Les Republicains’ primary elections, but also Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the National Front, promise to consult the people for the 2017 elections.

Les Echos

Labour law: the CGT union prepares a symbolic gesture.  The union calls for a strong mobilisation on Tuesday. But strike actions have stalled. “The truth is that France has never been blocked,” highlights Jean-Marie Le Guen. 




Frankfurter Allgemeine

At least 50 killed in attack in Orlando. IS follower kills nightclub visitors in Florida. Obama: An act of terror and hatred.


Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Massacre in Orlando. At least 50 people died when a man opened fire in a nightclub in Florida. According to the FBI, the perpetrator could have sympathised with the IS. The US citizen was not on any list of terrorist organisations.




La Repubblica

Massacre in a gay club, ISIS’s signature. USA: a twenty year-old man, from Afghanistan and who had pledged allegiance to ISIS, entered a club in Florida: 50 shot dead. ISIS: “he’s one of us.” Obama: an attack against us all. Trump: tougher with Islam.


Il Sole 24 Ore

Housing rentals collapsing: up to -30% on leasing agreement.Worst in Venice. “Arrangement” on a fifth of all contracts.




Gazeta Wyborcza

Knocking down the Irish wall. Polish National Football Team won its first match at EURO 2016. It knocked down the Northern Irish team 1:0 and scored the first victory in a history of Europe’s football championships.





El Pais

The Islamic State claims the attack in the US, the deadliest since the 11 September attack. At least 50 dead and 53 wounded in terrorist attack on a gay club in Orlando.



Spanish motor giants’ sales soar. Gestamp, Antolon and CIE Automotive’s revenue rose by 20% last year.




The Times

He swore allegiance to ISIS then shot 50 dead. The man suspected of carrying out America’s worst mass shooting called 911 to pledge allegiance to Islamic State after he entered the gay nightclub in Florida.


The Guardian

Massacre in Orlando. A gunman killed an estimated 50 people and wounded 53 more when he stormed into a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.


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