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13/04 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FTUS investors eye record UDS 1 trillion in payouts as groups rein in capex. GE pledges to return USD 90 billion to shareholders. Moves driven by fears for global recovery.

WSJEClinton sets presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton ended years of speculation about her plans on Sunday and launched her second campaign for president, asking voters to keep the same party in control of the White House for 12 straight years, a request that has been granted only rarely in modern history.

INYTEmpty Ebola clinics seen as US missteps. Despite millions sent on care centers, few people have been treated.


Le MondeThis “Big Brother” hidden in the very heart of French intelligence services. Since 2007, a secret surveillance programme enables the French Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE) to intercept and stock billions of data communications.

Les Echos  – Rafale: inside stories from a success. India made a surprise request to buy 36 Rafale jet fighters. Added to the Egyptian contract, one out of four Rafale will be exported.


Frankfurter AllgemeineAnkara: the Pope stirs up hatred and hostility. Turkey considers Pope condemnation of Armenian genocide to be absurd.

Suddeutsche ZeitungHistorical handshake after 60 years. “The Cold War is over” – even in the Caribbean. US President Obama and Cuba’s Head of State Castro at the America Summit sounded like never before in the relationship of the two states.


La Republica  – A bonus granted to 7 million Italians. The government is implementing an aid to fight against poverty and help most disadvantaged people.

Il Sole 24 OreIncome tax increases more than income levels. Tax statements for 2014 show the level of income tax has increased by nearly 10% in Italy whereas household incomes only rose by 5%.


GazetaHunters rule. Suggestions from children’s rights and environmental groups that children should be banned from hunting and the use of lead bullets outlawed have been ignored.


El PaisFelipe Gonzalez asks the PSOE to unite around Pedro Sanchez. The former President admits he did not support him during the primary elections.

ExpansionAbertis to purchase highways after Cellnex’s share offer. Abertis will earn EUR 2 billion with the operation.


The TimesPassionate Cameron outlines his Tory dream. PM switches election strategy amid polling fears.

The GuardianLabour’s big promise: no extra borrowing. Manifesto will focus on “budget responsibility lock” as Miliband moves to counter Tory claims of recklessness.


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