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12/05 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FT Europe – High security for Cannes Film Festival. Film director Woody Allen opened the Cannes Film Festival yesterday with a viewing of Café Society, his 49th film, set in 1930s Hollywood.

WSJESupporters of Leaving EU hit the road in Britain. Former London Mayor Boris Johnson launched a bus tour to campaign for the UK leaving the EU.

INYT – IHT – Northern wildfires tied to climate change. Canadian blaze signals latest threat from global warming, scientists warn.

BBC Europe – Turkey ‘losing hope’ for EU visa-free deal. The Turkish minister for European Union affairs has told the BBC he is losing hope of getting a deal on visa-free travel for Turks within Europe. Volkan Bozkir said changing anti-terror laws in Turkey would be impossible. The EU insists that Turkey needs to narrow its definition of terrorism – as well as meet four other key criteria – to qualify for visa-free travel.


Le MondeCrédit Agricole has thousands of offshore companies. Crédit Agricole has been handling 1,129 offshore companies via the private Panama owned Mossack Fonseca company since the 90s.

Les EchosLabour law: businesses’ greatest disappointment. The Medef warns that there will be “no impact” on job creations, and that it will negotiate with the Unedic. The Left-wing suffers its worst crisis since 2012.


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)Kretschmann: One must talk about AfD voters with nuances. In a FAZ interview, Baden-Württemberg’s Prime Minister criticises Chancellor Merkel.

Sueddeutsche ZeitungEU refugee pact with Ankara at stake. Berlin and Brussels says visa-free regime will only come if the Turkish government eases its terror law.


La RepubblicaCivil Unions are confirmed, the Northern League asks mayors to disobey the law. The Lower Chamber of Italy’s Parliament approved the text authorising civil unions for heterosexual and homosexual couples after the Senate gave its approval.

Il Sole 24 OreStock exchanges under pressure, financial assets burdening. Minister of Economy says Atlante could be reinforced.


Gazeta Wyborcza Coalition is better than PiS. According to a TNS survey, if elections were held today, the coalition of the opposition parties, which protested together against the devastation of the State by the ruling PiS party, would receive 38% backing from voters. The survey shows that PiS would win 33% of the votes.


El PaísSanchez intends to impose his authority in party, 40 days ahead of elections. The decision to block the pact with Podemos in Valencia is an attempt to strengthen the party’s leadership before local leaders.

ExpansiónTelefonica seeks alternatives to O2 sale. It needs to sell assets in order to cut its debt of €50 bn.


The TimesPunish banks for fraud by staff. New laws to target multinational companies over financial crime. Let Britain lead corruption crackdown, says Cameron.

The GuardianPM promises crackdown on dirty money. UK property market will be cleaned up, Cameron to tell anti-corruption summit.




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