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11/05 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FT EuropePadoan to chase banks over mis-selling. Italy’s finance minister acts on failure to warn savers of risks.

WSJEBernie Sanders Wins West Virginia Democratic Primary. Bernie Sanders defeated front-runner Hillary Clinton in West Virginia on Tuesday, regaining momentum and leaving some of Mrs. Clinton’s backers uneasy that her path to the Democratic presidential nomination figures to be rocky to the end.

INYT / IHTBernie Sanders Wins West Virginia, Prolonging Race With Hillary Clinton. Senator Bernie Saunders of Vermont captured the West Virginia primary on Tuesday, forcing Hilary Clinton to continue a costly and distracting two-front battle: to lock down the Democratic nomination and to take on Donald J. Trump in the general election.

BBC EuropeAnger as France imposes reforms. Fierce protests have broken out across France after the government forced through controversial labour reforms. In Nantes, protesters clashed with security forces. In Paris police fired rubber pellets on demonstrators outside the National Assembly. Earlier, the cabinet approved using special powers to pass the changes without parliamentary approval,


Le Monde – “Panama papers”: the unspoken role of Societe Generale in offshore business. A month after the release of “Panama papers”, which revealed the bank as one of the biggest customers of the Panamanian firm Mossack Fonseca for the registration of offshore companies, with 1005 entities created since 1977, the Director of Society General, Frédéric Oudéa will appear before the Finance Committee of the Senate, Wednesday, May 11. He is expected to inform senators about the responsibility of the bank’s role in evasion and international tax fraud, and explain any legal shortcomings.

Les EchosAlain Juppé : My project to reach full employment. The favorite of the primary for the right-wing for the 2017 presidential reveals in “Les Echos” its economic and social programme.


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)America is the largest tax haven. The land of unlimited tax savings: The United States refuses major reform initiatives. They make their letterbox companies non-transparent and do not exchange data.

Süddeutsche Zeitung – Schulz: “I do not see how Turkey can hold to the refugee agreement.”. That Turks can travel to the EU without a visa – Erdogan made it a precondition for refugee deal. Now the President of the European Parliament expresses doubts.


La RepubblicaCivil unions: The spokesman for Family Day: “Renzi must be stopped, we will remember this come the referendum in October”. Massimo Gandolfini, chairman of the Committee ‘to defend our children’: “The law on gay marriage is like an anthropological drift.

Il Sole 24 OreCivil Unions: Here are the new rights for those who are not married. Civil unions for gay couples is very close to marriage and cohabitation. In fact for straight people they are less protected: The bill presented by Senator Monica Cirinnà tracks two different lanes for unmarried families. What’s new?


Gazeta Wyborcza – President Andrzej Duda met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa and was assured that Canada will support the strengthening of the eastern flank of NATO.


El PaisCampaign duel between Podemos and PP leaves Socialists stuck in the middle. Acting prime minister Mariano Rajoy and anti-austerity challenger Pablo Iglesias want to turn the general election of June 26 into a run-off of the original December 20 vote, which yielded a hung parliament.


The TimesDementia sufferers abandoned by hospitals. Elderly patients subjected to harrowing ordeals.

The GuardianChina silent on ‘golden era’ of UK relations after Queen’s comments. Foreign ministry spokesman refuses to confirm that golden era is ongoing after Queen caught on camera accusing Chinese officials of being ‘very rude’

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