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10/10 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


BBC EuropeGerman police detain fugitive terror suspect Al-Bakr. After a two-day manhunt, German police have captured a Syrian man believed to have been planning a jihadist bomb attack.  Jaber al-Bakr, who arrived in Germany as a refugee, was detained in a flat in the eastern city of Leipzig in the early hours of Monday. He had sought help from another Syrian, who had alerted police and tied him up, reports say.


Trump confronts party rebellion

Presidential nominee calls Republicans who abandon him over lewd video “hypocrites”.


US torture left legacy of damaged minds



Le Monde 

Cyber-spying: Washington accuses Moscow of manipulating elections

A new element puts extra strain on the relationship between Washington and Moscow: the United States accuses Russia of hacking the Democrat party’s computers.

Les Echos

Taxation: the true balance sheet of Hollande’s five-year term

The great promised evening did not take place and “tax discontent” continues. However, the stacking of measures has transformed taxation more than it appears.


Frankfurter Allgemeine

Leading Republicans dissociate themselves from Trump

Aftermath of published sexist utterances. “I will never give up.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung 

Terror suspect came as a refugee

The police found explosives, detonators and other chemicals in the Chemnitzer dwelling in which the Syrian Jaber A. was staying. The 22-year-old escaped.


La Repubblica 

Reforms, accounts settled in the PD, Renzi: “they want to see me fall”

Premier Matteo Renzi has called out his opponents, accusing them of refusing to negotiate.

Il Sole 24 Ore 

Pensions: novelties for 2017

Subsidies and advance payments for redemptions and inclusions will come from the budget law.



Gazeta Wyborcza 

Orbán’s gag

The biggest independent daily “Népszabadság” was closed in Hungary as a result of political decision. Journalists warn that freedom of speech in the country looks gloomy.


El Pais

Trump refuses to give up despite the pressure his party puts on him

Republicans fear losing the Chamber and the Senate as well as the White House because of the crisis.


Brexit to cost Spanish groups €4 billion

The fall of the pound due to the Brexit will impact Spain’s large companies present in the United Kingdom.


Financial Times 

Frankfurt steps up bid to woo London banks after Brexit

Germany eyes changing labour laws. Wall St lenders prefer New York hub.

The Times 

Brexit risks closing door on economy, bosses warn

Stark message to May from business leaders.

The Guardian

UK seeks to move border into Ireland

Minister hopeful on talks with Dublin to strengthen immigration controls.




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