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08/07 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FTChinese groups rush to suspend shares amid steep market falls. Number of companies to halt trading climbs to 940. Commodities also under pressure.

WSJETime runs short for Greece. Eurozone leaders discuss plan for interim financing.

INYTTaliban meet face to face with Kabul, raising hopes. Afghans seek to engage militants in negotiations to end decade-long war.


Le MondeGreece: the reasons for Germany’s intransigence. A Eurogroup meeting and a eurozone summit took place on Tuesday to examine Greece’s proposals after the no-vote.

Les EchosThe reasons why crude oil prices fell further. Panic in London and New York, where crude oil prices tumbled 6.3% and 7.7% in two days. The main reasons: Greece and the surprising resilience of production in America.


Frankfurter AllgemeineStruggle for Athens to remain in the eurozone. Greece wants to apply for a third bailout program. France talks about cutting measures.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Tsipras wants to avert a Grexit. The Greek PM is to travel with new proposals to the Brussels Summit and announces that he will submit an application to the rescue fund. Eurozone countries want to keep Greece in the monetary


La RepubblicaEuropean Union: a “Grexit” in 5 days. Jean-Claude Juncker stated: “If no agreement is reached, we are ready for Greece’s exit from the eurozone.” Tomorrow Alexis Tsipras will present his new plan.

Il Sole 24 OreBlack smoke in Greece: stock exchanges take a plunge. European stock exchanges have taken a plunge, Italy being the worse hit. Markets reflect the political uncertainty of the past few days.


Gazeta – No income tax for young people. In a pending festival of election promises, PO Government comes up with a new proposal – 0% income tax for people aged up to 30-years-old. This is meant to be an incentive for companies to employ young people.


El PaisThe PSOE to take the first step towards a reform of the Constitution. The party is to set up a group of experts that will provide an electoral proposition.

ExpansionGreece asks for another rescue plan. Tsipras sent a request for a third aid programme but hesitates about the reforms.


The TimesTax cuts for middle classes. First Tory budget since 1996 could save workers £1,300 a year.

The GuardianCorporate welfare: the £93bn handshake. £3.500 a year given by each household in the UK. Aid to some firms that pay no corporation tax. Total includes direct grants and hidden subsidies.


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