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07/11 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


BBC EuropeCyprus leaders seek deal to end conflict. The leaders of Cyprus are holding UN-mediated talks in Switzerland aimed at reuniting their divided island. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is at the Mont Pelerin resort for the talks. He hopes to broker a deal before he steps down at the end of the year. A previous UN peace plan for Cyprus was rejected by Greek Cypriots in 2004.

FT Europe

Trump and Clinton focus frantic final push on battleground states

Surge in Latino voting boosts Democrat. Republican looks to white working class.


FBI Head Clears Clinton on Emails

FBI director James Comey said Sunday no new evidence has been found to warrant charges against the presidential candidate.


Election tarnishing U.S. global prestige

Regardless of who wins presidency, nation has lost high ground on democracy.


Le Monde 

Can Donald Trump still win?

The Republican candidate still hopes to beat Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton on Tuesday 8 November.

Les Echos

America’s choice

On the eve of the US election, the battle’s outcome is still uncertain.


Frankfurter Allgemeine

“An agreement is still possible”

The coalition is looking for a common candidate for the Federal President’s office. The summit ended without any result.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Kurdish party to boycott parliament

The HDP is protesting against the arrest of its chairman and speaks of a “sinister attack”. Several politicians demand that EU accession negotiations with Turkey be suspended.


La Repubblica 

Renzi attacks PD minority: “no to petty political maneuvering”

“Bersani and his followers want the end of the party”, division is rife in the PD.

Il Sole 24 Ore

Equitalia is hunting the “discount”.

And agrees up to four payments but Parliament will have the right to change when and how.


Gazeta Wyborcza 

Nearly Ice Age

Western politicians and diplomats cancel their visits to Poland and cool down their relations with the country. This is the aftermath of a diplomatic scandal provoked by the Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierwicz who had unexpectedly broken talks on a delivery of Caracal Helicopters from France.


El Pais 

The end of the American presidential election reveals a pessimistic and divided country

Whatever happens will happen tomorrow during the American presidential election.


Business owners want a pact for employment and pensions

They want a pact to foster growth, provide better labour flexibility as well as cut the deficit.



The Times 

Huge Nato land army to meet Russian aggression

Nato chiefs to slash response time for up to 300,000 personnel

The Guardian

Clinton in the clear after FBI ends email enquiry

Democrat will not face charges over her emails. Fear-tinged campaign enters its final day.




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