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06/10 – Today’s headlines from across the EU

European Headlines



Sealing of Pacific trade pact gives political boost to Abe and Obama. TPP to counter rise of China. Deal covers 40% of world trade. Ratification battle ahead.


Historic Pacific trade deal sealed. Twelve nations including US, Japan, agree to lower trade barriers, set new rules.


Migrants issue energizes French far right. National Front gains in polls as Le Pen evokes her father’s rhetoric.




Le Monde

Tax avoidance: the worldwide agreement nobody believed in.The OECD has put the finishing touch to a document signed by 62 countries to fight against the “aggressive tax optimisation” of big companies such as Apple, Google or Amazon.

Les Echos

Misdemeanour at Air France. Executives violently attacked during a works council. The company has confirmed its plan to cut 2.900 jobs over two years.




Frankfurter Allgemeine 

Outrage over Russia’s violation of Turkish airspace. Ankara threatens Moscow. NATO expresses “strong protest”. Tusk talks of “worrying case”.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung 

While EU wants refugee pact, Erdoğan hesitates. Brussels wants as much as possible to stop immigration at Europe’s external borders with support from Ankara. But the Turkish President avoids concrete commitments.




La Repubblica

Sexist Senators: only 5 days of suspension.  Senators Barani and D’Anna have been suspended for five days following their sexist gestures.

Il Sole 24 Ore

Free trade agreement signed between the U.S. and Pacific rim countries. Historic agreement signed between the U.S, Latin American and countries in the Pacific Ocean (including Japan but not China). Transpacific partnership establishes the largest free trade zone in the world.




Gazeta Wyborcza

Free trade in the Pacific. Twelve countries, including the USA and Japan, signed an historic Trans-Pacific free trade agreement, whose signatories account for 40% of global economy.





El Pais 

The Pacific rim becomes a centre of the global economy. Trade agreement between the US and 11 countries is the most important in history.



Acciona teams up with German company Nordex to become leader in the wind power sector. Acciona overcomes Gamesa and challenges Vestas and Siemens with the first large merger in the sector.




The Times

We must cut immigration to fix society, warns May. Hospitals, schools and housing are struggling to cope.

The Guardian 

Hunt: welfare cuts encourage harder work. Health secretary says people who are reliant on tax credits lack self-respect.



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