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05/10 – Today’s headlines from across the EU

European Headlines



World Bank seeks capital boost as slowdown strains resources. President to push leaders. Some resistance to increase. UN goals require trillions.


Vote win seen for Portugal leader. Premier who oversaw bailout leads rival, but ruling coalition may fall short of majority.


Migrants lost at sea, but not forgotten. Italian laboratory builds data bank to help identify victims of shipwrecks.




Le Monde

FN lashes out against refugees and “migratory submersion”.The Front National party has chosen to dedicate its entire campaign for the regional elections to the refugee crisis and the threat of “Islamic terrorism”.

Les Echos

Volkswagen scandal: judges enter the fray. Carmaker surrounded by legal procedures. The direction is overwhelmed, engineers are in pain and Angela Merkel is seeking to keep her distance.




Frankfurter Allgemeine

Merkel against freezing admissions for Refugees. “We will not solve the problem with fences”. Seehofer: We have reached the capacity limit.

Suedeutsche Zeitung

Obama apologizes for bombs on hospital. US Army apparently mistakenly attacked the hospital in Kunduz where Taliban were reportedly barricaded.




La Repubblica

Renzi on Verdini “those who support the reform are helping Italy” – The ALA leader said that their votes counted and that the senate would need those votes. He ruled out entering the Partito Democratico.

Il Sole 24 Ore

Fight against tax evasion resumes with Redditometro – Redditometro is a robot tax auditor which has been frightening Italian tax evaders. Update last Monday is the subject of intense debate.




Gazeta Wyborcza

Pathological scarcity of medications. ABR SESTA research institute has found that patients in Poland have a serious problem buying cancer or diabetes drugs. A survey showed that only every tenth chemist’s sold Concerta medication for curing ADHD disease and that a leukaemia drug Hydroxycarbamid was available at only one in three chemists.





El Pais

PP leaders demand new faces on the 20 December election lists. Rajoy refuses to let the government’s ministers go to face the Ciudadanos threat.


The economy will go this way. Expansion analyses Spain’s perspectives in the global context.




The Times

Labour peer quits party to run Osborne’s taskforce. New airports and nuclear power at top of Adonis agenda.

The Guardian

Osborne reveals deal with former Blair ally. Adonis to resign Labour whip to lead commission on infrastructure.



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