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03/11 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


BBC EuropeBrexit court defeat for UK government. This means the government cannot trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty – beginning formal exit-negotiations with the EU – on its own. Theresa May says the referendum – and existing ministerial powers – mean MPs do not need to vote, but campaigners called this unconstitutional. The government is appealing, with a further hearing expected next month.

FT Europe

Obama rallying cry to black voters as polls show Trump making gains.

Radio appeal to preserve legacy; Fears of low turnout, investors shift to less risky assets.


Trump faces conflict over foreign firms.

Donald Trump’s adult children have spent a decade doing business with politically connected foreign firms, a role that will present potential conflicts of interest whether he wins on November 8.


Cashless, but not by choice.

Zimbabweans, in drought of hard currency, turn to tech to move their money.


Le Monde 

Concerns about the creation of a database registering 60 million French people.

The French Interior Minister published on Sunday 30 October, over the All Saints’ weekend, a decree creating a general file of personal information of all French citizens.

Les Echos

The Trump surprise scares stock markets.

The comeback of Donald Trump in the polls worries Wall Street and boosts safe investments. The Republican candidate is ahead in several key states.


Frankfurter Allgemeine

Nationwide surveillance of “Reichs’ citizens” is coming closer.

Home Affairs Ministry wants to have “a more accurate overview” over the movement by the end of the year.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Merkel tightens the tone against Erdoğan.

After the arrests of journalists in Turkey, the Chancellor initially refrained but she now calls the restriction of freedom of expression “alarming to the highest degree”.


La Repubblica 

Trump is back up, so is fear.

The polls show a regain for the Republican candidate, bringing stock markets down.

Il Sole 24 Ore 

Stock exchanges falling with banks.

State bonds under pressure: spread to 160 points and then falling to 153.


Gazeta Wyborcza 

USA map good for Hillary Clinton.

Elections in USA encompass battles for votes in 50 separate states. Statistics show that the voting result in 37 states can be deemed as sure – it favours Hillary Clinton. The final decision will be made in the remaining 13 states that have not decided yet whom to support.


El Pais 

Worldwide concern about the US election.

All stock exchanges fell after Trump’s rise due to investigations. The possibility of drastic changes explains the global anxiety. Obama criticizes the FBI director for using Clinton’s e-mails during campaign.


Markets shaken by the fear of Donald Trump.

Investors fear that high volatility hit Ibex hard, big companies and investors vote Clinton.


The Times

Green gets final demand in BHS pension scandal.

Tycoon and wife face claim for compensation worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

The Guardian

Prisons given staff boost to tackle violence.

£104m recruitment drive to combat sharp rise in drug abuse and attacks.




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