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03/01 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


BBC EuropeArrests in Istanbul nightclub attack. Turkish police have launched raids in Istanbul and arrested 12 people, as the hunt for an attacker who killed 39 people in a nightclub intensifies. Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said authorities had fingerprints and a basic description, and vowed to “speedily” identify the suspect.

FT Europe

Isis claims New Year attack as vengeance for Syria offensive

Islamists blame Turkey for war losses. Eight held as hunt for gunman goes on.

Republican agenda is set

Lawmakers plan to cut taxes, reduce regulations and repeal Obama’s health law.

The high price of a bank’s fall

Risky gambits taken by Deutsche took a profound personal toll.


Le Monde

Left-wing presidential primary: a fight against time and indifference

The seven candidates start a campaign that will last only three weeks, before the first round of the primary, which will be held on Sunday 22 January.
Les Echos

How French industrialists consider 2017

Stimulating productive investment will be the main goal for industry leaders. With rise in oil prices, inflation will return to France, with a knock-on effect on households’ purchasing power.


Frankfurter Allgemeine

Thomas de Maizière calls for a stronger Federal State

To face the current challenges of terrorism, massive influx of asylum seekers and cyber-attacks, German Interior Minister wishes a “reorganisation” of security structures in Germany.
Suedeutsche Zeitung

Belgium to strengthen travelers’ controls

Because of fears of new terrorist attacks, Brussels wishes to strengthen controls of all travelers in airports, train and bus stations.


La Repubblica

Grillo backpedals: If under investigation, one does not need to resign”

M5S’s code of ethics and its interpretation is exacerbating internal divisions.
Il Sole 24 Ore

Milan’s Stock exchange going up with banks

Spread decreasing to 155 points. The euro still losing value, under $1.05.


Gazeta Wyborcza

Revolution in pensions

The Government lowered the retirement age for Poles but now plans to introduce limitations to discourage Poles from retiring early. The planned constraints include the right to receive pension only by people who have paid premiums for at least 15 years and also ban pensioners from taking up additional work as all extra incomes will be subject to taxation.


El Pais

Extreme Left-wing’s decision is to determine Podemos’s future

Anti-capitalists do not want to be included in Iglesias’ list.

Best selling cars are made in Spain

Seat Leon and Ibiza models, Opel Corsa and Renault Mégane lead the Spanish car market.


The Times

Rail fares six times higher than in Europe

Commuters being “fleeced” as service worsens.
The Guardian

Labour warned cocktail of risks could leave party with 150 MPs

Brexit, a lack of support in Scotland and an unpopular leader mean Labour could get as little as 20% of the vote at the next general election, leaving it with fewer than 150 MPs, according to a report on the challenges facing the party.
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