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02/03 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


FT EuropeJapan in first negative-yield bond sale as Abe’s growth push falters. Latest drastic step in world of collapsed rates; move means investors pay to lend money.

WSJEShares fall as Barclays cuts payouts. Barclays will jettison its African business to refocus on the US and the UK as its new management team tries to assuage growing impatience with the bank among investors.

INYTDemocrats prepare a Trump battle plan. Prominent Democrats supporting Hillary Clinton have arranged a series of meetings and calls to tackle one question: How do we defeat Mr Trump in a general election?

BBC Europe – Russia and Syria ‘weaponising’ migration. Russia and Syria are “weaponising” migration as an aggressive strategy towards Europe, the senior Nato commander in Europe has said. US Gen Philip Breedlove also said criminals, extremists and fighters were hiding in the flow of migrants.
Migrants are continuing to accumulate in Greece, after Macedonia stopped allowing more than a trickle through.


Le MondeRefugees: Greece on the brink of chaos. Tens of thousands of refugees are stuck in Greece after the nearly complete closure of the Balkans route ten days ago.

Les EchosMilk, pigs: large retailers plead not guilty. While annual tariff negotiations are about to end, the milk price is maintained. Accused of all problems, large retailers denounce the industrialists.


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)Karlsruhe rejects the NPD’s procedural request and resumes prohibition proceedings. Court President Voßkuhle calls the objection an abuse of rights. Saxony PM Tillich: the party is dangerous.

Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ)A sharp two-edged sword. Opening the historical process against the NPD, Constitutional Court President Andreas Voßkuhle advocates a responsible use of party bans.


La RepubblicaReturn to growth: 70,000 jobs created, exports push GDP. Italy gets out of three years of crisis and improves its deficit. Still not enough jobs for young people. Renzi: fewer taxes in 2017.

Il Sole 24 Ore2015 GDP grows by 0.8%. Unemployment: 70,000 jobs added. Good situation for the over 50-year olds, but youth unemployment rises.


Gazeta WyborczaWhere to organise World Youth Day. Never before has Poland organised an event as large as the upcoming World Youth Day in July. It is expected that nearly 2.5 million pilgrims will arrive in Poland on 26-31 July and that over 2,000 buses with pilgrims will park on the A4 highway – which will be closed to regular traffic on these days.


El PaísSanchez forces Podemos to choose between him and Rajoy. “We want a change of government based on the deal – yes or no?” Today, Iglesias will give an answer to Sanchez, who will have to choose between him and Rivera. The PP accuses the Socialist candidate of turning the investiture process into a public meeting.


The Times – Brussels tax hike to send e-cigarette price soaring. Electronic cigarettes are set to soar in price under plans by Brussels to tax them at the same punitive rate as tobacco.

The GuardianFailure to tackle refugee crisis risks disaster, Europe warned. Aid agencies and charities have said Europe’s “unconscionable” response to the refugee crisis is courting humanitarian disaster.




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