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01/11 – Today’s headlines from across the EU


BBC EuropeCalais migrants: France’s Hollande vows no return to camp.No-one will be allowed back in the dismantled “Jungle” camp at Calais now that it has been cleared of thousands of migrants and refugees, says French President Francois Hollande. The final shelters were destroyed on Monday, after an operation to move some 7,000 people to centres elsewhere in France.

FT EuropeTrump faces new tax avoidance claims. Presidential candidate’s lawyers advised that manoeuvre ‘could be declared improper’

WSJEShell, BP earnings benefit from cost cuts amid weak oil prices. Royal Dutch Shell and BP posted surprise improvements in third quarter profits, joining other big oil companies in showing progress in efforts to adapt to a world of cheaper crude as prices rebounded from lows hit at the start of the year,

INYTTrump’s tax dodge stretched law beyond recognition. Tax experts who reviewed documents for The Times said Mr. Trump trampled a core tax policy tenet by receiving tax benefits for losing vast amounts of other people’s money.


Le MondeHuma Abedin: the ‘second daughter’ embarrasses Hilary Clinton. The computer of the ex-wife of a democratic senator is at the centre of  a FBI investigation. Certain e-mails are thought to originate from a private sever ran by Clinton.

Les Echos – Gas and nicotine replacements, what changed on the 1st November? Gas tariff increase, no revaluation of supplementary pensions, no new fines for drivers etc.


Frankfurter Allgemeine – Law-free areas: The state must intervene where there is any suspicion of a crime. Why does it not?


La Repubblica – Earthquake: new aftershocks of magnitude 4.8. Mayor Ussita: “More collapses, is an ordeal”


Gazeta WyborczaForests threatens by clearance, wolves are still at risk. Minister Szyszko pushes “good change” in the Nature Conservation Act.


El PaisSouthern Spain facing desertification if CO2 emissions not brought down. New report suggests that the Mediterranean basin will face massive changes in just a lifetime.


The TimesBritain will strike back at foreign cyberthreat. The country must take an aggressive approach to protect the economy, infrastructure and individuals’ privacy from hostile forces, Philip Hammond will say. The risk of hackers targeting air traffic control and power grid networks is one of the biggest concerns.

The Guardian Kremlin pours cold water on MI5 chief’s claims of Russian threat. “Those words do not correspond to reality,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Tuesday.  Andrew Parker, the head of MI5, told the Guardian that despite widespread fears of Islamic extremists, hostile state actors were a growing threat, and Russia was the main concern.


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